Is Mastering Perl 5 Book Still a Good Reference to USE?

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Although Perl has newer versions, Mastering Perl 5 is still a good reference to use for web building. It has a lot of features that are in demand and provides Internet programming for all levels. This book will teach you to develop interactive web sites, custom utilities and full-scale programs. It is a good tool to have for getting started in web programming.

This web programming language book with real world examples writes:
Mastering Perl 5 is like no other book on Perl. Inside, a recognized expert focuses on the latest version of the language, teaching you all the concepts and techniques you need to master, no matter how you’re using Perl. Clear, complete explanations and more than 100 practical examples ensure that you will find sound solutions to specific problems.

Jump-Start Chapters make it easier for learners to get started.
Special Jump-Start Chapters let you learn Perl Quickly and Efficiently
Here is a screen shot example from Part II: Chapter 3: Jump-Start on Programming Fundamentals: Shown HTML page for an online Auto Mall.

Figure 3.1: 

Coverage includes:
Marstering Perl 5 data structures, including the new references
Creating CGI scripts with Perl
Configuring your Web server for use with CGI scripts
Handing command-line input
Understanding and using regular expressions
Working with string processing
Handing file I/O
Developing e-mail solutions
Accessing Windows databases
Creating object-oriented programs
Managing the Windows Registry
Linking a database to the Web
Debugging your Perl scripts and programs

This book shows how powerful tools create Full-Scale Programs and gives web developers enough answers to build a skillful web site. All the resources for anyone that desires to study Computer Science's reference.

Images Source: Mastering Perl 5, Edition 1999

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