Positive View for Future - Google Project Glass

Viewing From Google Project Glass

Traditional Knowledge to Current Technology. Since the day Google released a video for their new Project Glass, it became a top technology topic. This revolution in bionic computing reality has overcome theories or concepts of imagination. 

With social networks rising daily, Google Project Glass will elevate usage to another level, and become much more convenient for real-time synchronous sharing.

This product gives users actual vision capabilities with a network connection. This can enhance your physical vision. Google Project Glass is a kind of bionic aid to increase human function. 

Photo Courtesy of Google

Still we are in the development phase for enhanced seeing for increased awareness of the environments we pass through. We think Google developed this excellent new product to allow people to benefit from the universal network beyond the present limitations into the future.

"Google's Project Glass provides a window into the Internet", said Sebastian Thrun, who works on Google's Project Glass, while on the Charlie Rose interview. Smart all in one, built-in for hands free, such intelligent thoughts as is always - Google.

Below is the Google Project Glass video:

Video Courtesy of Google

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